We couldn’t be more serious about our people. Get to know some of the talent that keeps Hammond Pole running.

Alan Hartman

  • Specialities:

    Litigation, Debt Recovery, Corporate Services
  • Contact:

    (011) 874 1800
  • Email:

Alan leads the litigation, debt recovery and corporate/commercial services arm of Hammond Pole. He has implemented best of breed debt recovery techniques and supporting technology.

Chris Cleary

  • Specialities:

    Sectional Title Developments and Commercial Property Finance
  • Contact:

    (011) 874 1800
  • Email:

Chris has extensive conveyancing knowledge obtained throughout the years from his time in the Deeds office and thereafter as a conveyancer. He was a senior deeds office examiner for 10 years before moving to the private sector and has all the technical skills to deal with any technical problem that may arise.

Chris heads up the department attending to Sectional Title Developments and Commercial Property Finance transactions. He and his team are at the forefront of many new developments, ensuring that the clients are properly advised and that they understand the needs of the owners and trustees.

Kyle Richards

Kyle heads up the firms Bond and cancellation Departments, representing all the major banks, comprising conveyancing secretaries as well as individuals in a client support and administrative role who ensure that all the administrative and performance requirements of our clients are met.

Kyle is also responsible for the firm’s liquidation and sequestration matters carrying extensive knowledge in this field to ensure that clients are given quality service and proper advice.

Andrew Gerhard

Andrew heads up the Estate Agent Transfers department of the conveyancing practice. Andrew has many years of experience and expertise in the practice as a conveyancer and provides a wealth of knowledge to his clients, ensuring that they receive a service that exceeds their expectations.

He has extensive knowledge of the workings of the Deeds Office and the various persons employed there allowing him to ensure speedy results for our clients.

Salome Labuschagne

Salome is a Director and heads up the Debt Review and Insolvency departments. She also has experience in the fields of Vehicle and Asset Finance recoveries as well as Home loan recoveries. This experience is invaluable in its application in the field of Debt Review. She has extensive experience in, and knowledge, of the National Credit Act and it’s practical application. Her expertise in the National Credit act ensures that she gives her clients the quality service they deserve.

Brendan Michie

  • Specialities:

    Business Rescue, Secured Collections (Homeloans and Vehicle and Asset Finance) and Commercial Litigation
  • Email:

Brendan is a Director at Hammond Pole Attorneys and is currently the attorney responsible for the firm’s defended and undefended Vehicle and Asset Finance Recoveries department as well as the the firms defended and undefended Home Loan Recoveries department. Brendan has vast experience in the National Credit Act of 2008 having worked closely with the Act since his employment with the firm back in 2009, when the Act was still in its infancy. Brendan has become a leader in the field of the National Credit Act having numerous high profile clients being represented by his department. Due to his knowledge and experience with the National Credit Act, Brendan is ideally suited to run the defended collections department where he strives for excellence in bringing matters to a conclusion as quickly as possible as well as ensuring clients are adequately advised of the merits of their specific matters and are provided the advice they deserve in this relatively new field of law.

Tania Abbotts

Tania joined our firm in 2012 where she worked in the insurance, debt review and defended banking litigation departments. She was formally trained at university in law and psychology giving her greater insight into her client’s legal and emotional needs. Tania is currently responsible for the firms Commercial, General and Family law litigation department.
She has obtained a wealth of experience over the years and currently specializes in:
 Divorces
 Maintenance
 Protection orders
 Commercial Agreements and litigation
 Sectional title collections
 General litigation

See an overview of our general litigation department.

Dylon Fisher

Dylon is currently responsible for the firms Business and Commercial Bank Collection departments, representing the major Banks and financial institutions, hereby solidifying his department’s status as a top performer.

Michelle Orsmond

Michelle heads up the Estates department, specializing in Estate Planning, Drafting of wills, Administration of deceased estates and of trusts.

She has extensive knowledge of the workings of the Masters office and the various persons employed there allowing her to ensure speedy results for our clients.

Katlego Mthembu

Katlego joined the firm in 2015 and has chosen to specialise in the foreclosure and recoveries process, debt review as well as property Law and all aspects of conveyancing.
Katlego has extensive knowledge in is his area of expertise and this ensures that the firms service standards exceed the expectations of our clients.

Jacolene Louwrens Jansen Van Vuuren

Having graduated with her LLB degree cum laude Jacolene has found her calling in the firms litigation department where she most notably works in the Defended Litigation department.

Jacolene boasts all major financial institutions as clients where she ensure service of the highest quality.