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Author: Hammond Pole

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New Law created at the Supreme Court of Appeal in one of Hammond Pole’s Divorces.

Hammond Pole Attorneys are ecstatic to announce that the law pertaining to divorce and accrual has forever been changed! Our very own Senior Associate at Hammond Pole Attorneys, Tania Abbotts, attended to a matter in 2016, whereby the high court ordered that a living annuity cannot be included in a spouse’s estate for purposes of calculating accrual. This meant that the court confirmed that spouses involved in a divorce could purchase a living annuity, and effectively use it to place their Pension Interests, in order to reduce their total assets when it came to assessing whether there was an accrual claim. South...

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ANC – And no, it is not a National Party.

Antenuptial Contract by Hammond Pole Attorneys

Most couples get all wrapped up in the excitement of their wedding that they leave their antenuptial contract (ANC) to the last minute. Despite being one of the most important documents that a young couple will ever conclude, it doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the dress, flowers, venue and cake do. I find that in sharing the queries raised by previous clients, often assists future clients in understanding the concept of an ANC, So here’s a few of my favourite questions I get asked: Isn’t it the same as a Prenuptial Agreement? Not quite. A prenuptial agreement is an...

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