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Established in 1981, Hammond Pole Attorneys has been in existence for almost 40  years and has always been an integral component of commercial activity in the Eastern Gauteng region.  Now with 4 offices across Gauteng in Boksburg, Alberton, Fourways and Pretoria the firm has now become an integral component of the entire Gauteng region.


The firm has a well established tradition of providing superior legal outcomes in respect of property related transactions, unsecured and asset based debt recovery alternatives as well as a wide variety of corporate and commercial services. We pride ourselves on both the qualitative and quantitative component of our service offering and historically have enjoyed strong institutional support.  Although we are well respected within our country’s main financial service providers we are also proud of our service offering to our private clients whom we aim to please by offering personalised legal services as efficiently and as cost effective as possible.


Given our locations  across the Gauteng province, we operate across a number of legal jurisdictions including the Local and Provincial Divisions of the High Court in Gauteng and eleven Magistrates Courts.  We are also able to fully operate out of both the Johannesburg and the Pretoria Deeds Office as well.

The firm has invested in superior technology to support our unique service signature being ‘serious about service’ to ensure optimum automation and commensurate productivity. We consider ourselves a solution oriented law firm and continue to refine our service offering to both individual and institutional client bases. This value proposition requires a thorough and comprehensive translation of both current and pending legislation to ensure our advisory services remain best of breed. Based on this robust approach, we have developed a strong and beneficial network of clients across the property, litigation and debt recovery domain.


The firm is also a level 1 Broad Based Black Economic empowerment Company.


With a strong desire to change the way things have always been done in order to provide simpler and more cost effective way of providing legal services Hammond Pole Attorneys has invested heavily in automating its services.  By way of example, Hammond Pole Attorneys is able to run a legal process from start to finish with minimal human intervention.  While this all happens under the watchful eye of our highly qualified team automation process allows the firm to run its legal processes 24 hours a day.  The removal of many of the manual tasks from the process means the firm is able to handle large scale volumes quickly and efficiently and with 100% accuracy.

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