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Areas of Practice

Conveyancing and Property Law

The Firm has a large sophisticated conveyancing department with more than five attorneys, over twenty five secretaries and paralegals together with approximately sixteen individuals in a client support and administrative role.

Hammond Pole possesses the infrastructure to handle substantial volumes of conveyancing work accurately and expeditiously and is consequently ideally placed for large developments. Its close association with major banking groups facilitates one-stop conveyancing, which is advantageous to developers, sellers and purchasers alike.

As specialist conveyancing and property law attorneys we can assist with, amongst other things, the following:


  1. Transfer of registration of property;
  2. Registration and cancellation of various types of bonds;
  3. Property developments;
  4. Township planning;
  5. Servitudes;
  6. Sectional titles schemes;
  7. Deeds Office enquiries;
  8. Drafting of deeds and various property related agreements;
  9. Estate planning;
  10. Property Advisory services.
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Debt Collections and Recoveries

Hammond Pole Attorneys prides itself on best of breed collections and debt recovery disciplines. The firm has extensive expertise in providing tailor made collections and debt recovery offerings across a diverse range of products and collections life cycles where different laws could apply.

Our collections and debt recovery activities are managed centrally and function nationally. We also operate across both the South and North Gauteng Divisions of the High Court as well as in eleven Magistrate Court jurisdictions thereby obviating the need for correspondent attorneys.  We are also experts in the fields of law linked to the collections and recovery process such as Debt Review, Business Rescue and insolvency practice.

Our coverage across critical fields of law in collections and debt recovery actions are extensive and covers, among other the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Property
  • Retail
  • Telecoms


Our fees are tailored specifically to our client’s needs which offer both tariff and contingency based options.

We consider ourselves specialists in the interpretation and application of the provisions of the National Credit Act, Debt Review process as well as Business Rescue involvement.

The firm deploys a best of breed contact centre with predictive dialling to facilitate superior debt recovery outcomes whilst ensuring high levels of automation and productivity. This in turn creates scale to manage large delinquent portfolios on behalf of our institutional client base.

The firm is acknowledged as a subject matter expert in the context of evaluating the enforceability of financial institution collateral in so far as mortgages, letters of suretyship, acknowledgements of debt and guarantees are concerned.

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General Litigation

We have extensive expertise in providing tailor-made litigation and debt recovery offerings across a number of diverse fields of law. Our attorneys can assist you and your business with all your corporate, commercial and private litigation requirements.

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Divorce Law

Divorces are a very stressful and difficult time in one’s life.  It is crucial you find a divorce attorney in whom you can trust, who will take on your case with the enthusiasm and vigour you require and who will assist you through this difficult process.

At Hammond Pole Attorneys we have extensive experience in divorces and family law and we will ensure you get the advice you require.

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Family Law

Hammond Pole Attorneys has a family law department with extensive experience in this intricate part of the South African Legal system.  We can advise you in all aspects of family law including, amongst other things, the following:

  1. Drafting of antenuptial agreements;
  2. Drafting of last will and testaments;
  3. Post nuptial applications and argeement;
  4. General advice regarding marital regimes;
  5. Varying of existing divorce order;
  6. Assistance with spousal maintenance in a Rule 43 application;
  7. Termination of engagement;
  8. Assistance in maintenance matters;
  9. Access applications including contact and care;
  10. Paternity applications;
  11. Protection orders, and
  12. Harassment orders.
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Labour Law

Our firm has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of labour law. Whether you are an employer or an employee contact us to assist you in advising you and resolving your labour dispute, assist you with your disciplinary process or guide you in drafting your labour agreements and documents.

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The administration of deceased estates

The process of winding up, or administering, a deceased estate is a complex one which few people understand.  The death of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone concerned and you should not be burdened with the uncertainty of not understanding the process of administering the estate.

We, at Hammond Pole Attorneys, are experts in the administration and winding up of estates and together with our various partners who assist us in the process we will be able to provide you with the expertise required throughout the process from the reporting of the estate to the Master of the High Court up until all beneficiaries receive what has been left to them.

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Drafting and Interpretation of Wills

Although a will seems like a fairly basic document, simply setting out how you want your estate to devolve upon your passing, it is crucial you execute your will in accordance with the  very technical requirements of the appropriate legislation to ensure its validity and that your affairs are administered as you wish.  The administration of a deceased estate is a difficult time for your loved ones.  Avoid making it any worse by choosing how you want your estate to be wound up before your passing.

With unbridled experience in the drafting of wills and administration of estates Hammond Pole Attorneys can assist you with the drafting of your will or any amendments you require of your will.  We participate in the annual Wills Week hosted by the Law Society of South Africa wherein we draft numerous wills for our clients.

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Commercial and Contractual Law

At Hammond Pole Attorneys we can assist you with all aspects of drafting and interpreting of your agreement/contract.  We can assist with, amongst others, the following agreements:


  1. Service level agreements;
  2. Rental and lease agreements;
  3. Sale Agreements;
  4. Loan agreements;
  5. Employment agreements;
  6. Acknowledgements of debt;
  7. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements;
  8. Settlement agreements;
  9. Shareholder agreements;
  10. Partnership agreements;
  11. Sale of business agreements;
  12. Powers of attorney;
  13. Terms and conditions; and
  14. Specific affidavits required abroad.



We can also advise you and assist you with any litigation and dispute resolution relating to the any agreement/ contracts.  Whether it be enforcing an agreement, collecting monies due in terms of an agreement or simply advising you on the terms of an agreement, Hammond Pole Attorneys is your one-stop shop when seeking advice on your agreement/contract.

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