Alan Hartman CEO

Alan Hartman

CEO, Managing Partner, Attorney responsible for overall successful functioning of the firm.

Alan is the current CEO of Hammond Pole and has been an Attorney for 28 years and a Director for over 20 years. He has worked in all departments and has a sound knowledge of the various aspects of law in which Hammond Pole specialises, and how the firm’s departments integrate with one another  as a formidable business.  He enjoys expanding on the ever-growing relationships he has built with the firm’s clients over the years and is always searching for new and innovative  ways to improve Hammond Pole’s service offering and business model.

Vusi Ndlovu Director

Vusi Ndlovu

Director and Commercial Law Specialist

Vusi is a Director at Hammond Pole and a specialist Corporate and Commercial Attorney whose expertise lies in banking, finance, infrastructure projects, mergers, and acquisitions.

Andrew Gerhard Director

Andrew Gerhard

Director, Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer in the Conveyancing Department.

Andrew was admitted as an Attorney in the High Court in 1992, he further qualified as a Conveyancer in 1996 and a Notary Public in 2018.  He joined Hammond Pole in 2001, and currently practises in the Estate Agent Transfers Department. Due to his many years of experience and expertise as a Conveyancer, he provides a wealth of knowledge to his clients, ensuring that they receive a service that exceeds their expectations. He is integral to the technical functioning of the Conveyancing Department thanks to the relationships he has built in the Deeds office over the years.

ardene nel attorney

Ardene Nel

Director, Attorney, and Conveyancer in the Conveyancing Department

Ardene was admitted as an Attorney in the High Court in 2017 and qualified as a Conveyancer in 2020. She oversees high profile clients within Hammond Pole’s Conveyancing Department.  Ardene is skilled in solving disputes among the various role players of a sale transaction, ensuring the smooth running of all engagements.

Brendan Michie Director

Brendan Michie

Director and Attorney responsible for the Conveyancing Department, with a particular focus on Transfers

Brendan Michie is a Director at Hammond Pole Attorneys and is responsible for the firm’s Conveyancing Department including Transfers, Bonds and Developments.  He is constantly expanding on the solid relationships Hammond Pole has already built with the country’s top Estate Agencies, Mortgage Originators and Financial Institutions.  Brendan also has vast litigation experience having successfully represented clients in disputes in the High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, and the Constitutional Court. Relying on his extensive knowledge and experience in both litigation and conveyancing, Brendan offers expert advice and assistance to clients throughout their property journey. Brendan is also responsible for starting and driving the firms legal automation projects and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of trying to find new and innovative ways of doing business

Carla de Waal

Carla de Waal

Attorney and Notary Public in the Debt Review Department.

Carla obtained her B.Com Law and LLB degree, both cum laude, at the University of Potchefstroom and was recently admitted and enrolled as an Attorney and Notary Public of the High Court.  She is currently the Attorney responsible for the Debt Review Department and is eager to continue to expand her knowledge and experience within Hammond Pole’s Debt Review Department

Dylon Fisher

Dylon Fisher

Attorney responsible for and specialising in Mortgage Bond Collections and Foreclosures

Dylon has been with Hammond Pole since 2014 and was admitted as an Attorney in the High Court in 2016. He is currently the Attorney responsible for the firm’s collections of debt owed to the major financial institutions, arising from Mortgage Bonds and Home Loan agreements. He also has vast experience in debt review which makes him well versed in the National Credit Act and an asset to the team. He is also responsible for all operational aspects within the Department.

jacolene jansen van vuuren

Jacolene Jansen Van Vuuren

Director, and Attorney responsible for, and an expert in, Defended and Banking Litigation matters in the High and Magistrates Courts

Jacolene obtained her Law Degree cum laude at the University of Potchefstroom and was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court in 2017. She is currently the Attorney responsible for the Banking Defended Legal Department.  She is an expert in her field, owing to her involvement in various high-profile cases including matters addressed in the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

katlego mthembu director Hammond Pole

Katlego Mthembu

Director and Property Law Specialist in the Conveyancing Department, with a special focus on mortgage bonds

Katlego is a Director at Hammond Pole responsible for the Mortgage Bond and Cancellations Department.  He was admitted as an Attorney of the High court in 2017 and has a solid background in both the legal and practical implications influencing conveyancing transactions.  In his previous role at Hammond Pole, Katlego managed the Foreclosure Department and has vast experience and expertise in Property Law across the board including Commercial Property Finance.

Michelle Orsmond

Michelle Orsmond

Director, Attorney, Notary Public, and Conveyancer in the Conveyancing Department

Michelle Orsmond was admitted as an Attorney in the High Court in 2016 and further qualified as a Notary Public in 2018 and Conveyancer in 2019. Not only is she involved in the day-to-day operations at Hammond Pole, but also plays an essential role in the technical functioning of the Conveyancing Department,  leveraging her key relationships with the Deeds office, SARS and Masters office of South Africa. In addition, Michelle is a registered Tax Practitioner, assisting clients with an in-depth guidance as to tax implications surrounding property and estate late transactions.

Neil Mc Kinon

Neil Mc Kinon

Attorney and Conveyancer in the Conveyancing Department

Neil earned his LLB Degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2004 and completed his articles at Hammond Pole in 2006 when he became an associate in the Litigation Department. From 2008 Neil worked as Head of Legal at a finance company and in a private practice. He joined the Hammond Pole team again in June 2019 as a Senior Attorney in the Conveyancing Department.  Neil currently manages the Fourways Property Division and has vast experience in Conveyancing, Commercial and Property Law litigation.

Robyn Canning

Director, Attorney, Conveyancer, and Notary Public in the Cape Town Office

Robyn was admitted as a High Court Attorney in 2010 after seven years of service in the SANDF. She became a Conveyancer in 2010 and a Notary Public in 2011. In 2023, she joined Hammond Pole to establish the Cape Town office. Her extensive experience spans both large firms and running her practice. Robyn excels in providing a personalised touch by overseeing every step of the transfer process while leveraging Hammond Pole’s resources to enhance the client experience.

Santie van Eeden

Santie van Eeden

Attorney responsible for and specialising in unsecured legal action in High and Magistrate’s Courts

Santie obtained her LLB from the University of Pretoria in 2013 and was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court in 2015. She has gained extensive knowledge in the collections, general litigation and debt review fields where she is currently heading and managing the Legal Department for numerous financial institutions in the unsecured collections space.

salome labuschagne

Salome Labuschagne

Director and Attorney responsible for and an expert in Debt Review, Asset based collections, Business and Commercial Collections, and the National Credit Act

Salome is a Director at Hammond Pole and was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court in 2012.  She obtained a B.Com (Law) and LLB degree in 2010.  She is currently the Director for Litigation and is responsible for: Debt Review, Home loans & Vehicle Asset Based Finance Collections across the board, as well as Unsecured Business collections for the major financial institutions.  She created and evolved the Business Debt Review Department into what it is currently and continues to be. She is an expert in the National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and enjoys the thrill of litigating.

chappie the robot


The Resident Bot

Named by the staff within our firm, Chappie was the brain child of Brendan Michie and has revolutionised the manner in which Hammond Pole Attorneys is providing legal services.  Chappie is a full time employee working on-site 24 hours day a day, 7 days a week.  He works tirelessly ensuring not only that he is far more productive than anyone else in the team, but also in ensuring that the accuracy of his work is unrivalled by the firms competitors.

Need an Attorney?

Join the leading attorney firm in Ekurhuleni

We are firm believers in giving hands on, practical, training to our candidate attorneys.  Unlike most firms we give our candidate training immediately upon starting and within a few months they start appearing in court and working on files (all under the guidance of their principle of course).  Our candidates are sought after in the legal industry and are known as being highly efficient problem solvers with a strong work ethic.


What we we look for in a candidate:

Honesty, integrity, hardworking, persistent, team player, great personality.


How many candidates do we have?

At any given time we have between 5 and 10 candidate attorneys.


When do we normally appoint candidate attorneys?

Our annual intake commences in the July of each year in order to commence articles in January the following year.  Candidates interested in applying for articles at Hammond Pole Attorneys should upload their CV during the period that applications are open.

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