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Join the leading attorney firm in Ekurhuleni

We are firm believers in giving hands on, practical, training to our candidate attorneys.  Unlike most firms we give our candidate training immediately upon starting and within a few months they start appearing in court and working on files (all under the guidance of their principle of course).  Our candidates are sought after in the legal industry and are known as being highly efficient problem solvers with a strong work ethic.


What we we look for in a candidate:

Honesty, integrity, hardworking, persistent, team player, great personality.


How many candidates do we have?

At any given time we have between 5 and 10 candidate attorneys.


When do we normally appoint candidate attorneys?

Our annual intake commences in the July of each year in order to commence articles in January the following year.  Candidates interested in applying for articles at Hammond Pole Attorneys should upload their CV during the period that applications are open.

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