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Navigating the Sale of Business Assets & Agreements

Navigating the intricacies of selling or buying a business can be a complex undertaking, often revealing that what may appear as a straightforward transaction is anything but. As an experienced professional in this field, I frequently encounter clients seeking a "basic" precedent to guide them through the process. However, as our discussions unfold, it becomes evident that there are numerous crucial aspects to consider. Whether you find yourself in a position to sell or buy into a business, here are key factors that warrant careful thought and consideration.   Determine the Business Entity Type First and foremost, you must establish whether the...

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POPI Act: Under the magnifying glass

South African POPIA

Michelle Orsmond, Attorney, Notary Public & Conveyancer at Hammond Pole Attorneys shares valuable insight on the what the POPIA Act is all about, the importance of compliance and the fact that consent is not always necessary. What is POPI and when did it start? The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) forms part of South Africa's Privacy Data law and its purpose is to protect Personal Information together with the requirements for the processing of Personal Information. The POPI Act gives effect to the constitutional right to privacy, by safeguarding personal information when processed by a responsible party, subject to...

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