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At Hammond Pole Attorneys we can assist you with all aspects of drafting and interpreting of your agreement/contract.  We can assist with, amongst others, the following agreements:


  1. Service level agreements;
  2. Rental and lease agreements;
  3. Sale Agreements;
  4. Loan agreements;
  5. Employment agreements;
  6. Acknowledgements of debt;
  7. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements;
  8. Settlement agreements;
  9. Shareholder agreements;
  10. Partnership agreements;
  11. Sale of business agreements;
  12. Powers of attorney;
  13. Terms and conditions; and
  14. Specific affidavits required abroad.

We can also advise you and assist you with any litigation and dispute resolution relating to the any agreement/ contracts.  Whether it be enforcing an agreement, collecting monies due in terms of an agreement or simply advising you on the terms of an agreement, Hammond Pole Attorneys is your one-stop shop when seeking advice on your agreement/contract.

Our attorneys are ready to assist you with your legal needs

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