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Hammond Pole Attorneys has a family law department with extensive experience in this intricate part of the South African Legal system.  We can advise you in all aspects of family law including, amongst other things, the following:


  1. Drafting of antenuptial agreements;
  2. Drafting of last will and testaments;
  3. Post nuptial applications and argeement;
  4. General advice regarding marital regimes;
  5. Varying of existing divorce order;
  6. Assistance with spousal maintenance in a Rule 43 application;
  7. Termination of engagement;
  8. Assistance in maintenance matters;
  9. Access applications including contact and care;
  10. Paternity applications;
  11. Protection orders, and
  12. Harassment orders.

Our attorneys are ready to assist you with your legal needs

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