General Litigation

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Hammond Pole Attorneys have decades of experience in litigating out of all of our Country Courts, including the following:

  1. Service Level Agreements;
  2. Rental and lease Agreements;
  3. Sale Agreements;
  4. Employment agreements;
  5. Acknowledgement of Debt;
  6. Non-disclosure and Confidentiality agreements;
  7. Settlement agreements;

With a large network of correspondent attorneys around the country as well as close relationships with a number of renowned and reputable advocates Hammond Pole Attorneys are able to assist you in launching or defending any legal action you may require assistance on.  Trusted by large financial institutions Hammond Pole Attorneys are known as litigation experts.


Hammond Pole Attorneys have flexible and reasonable fee structures that ensure clients are able to access the courts at a reasonable cost.

Our attorneys are ready to assist you with your legal needs

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