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PRESCRIPTION - The Basics Prescription is regulated by the Prescription Act 68 of 1969 ("the Act") and refers to the role that a specific time plays in the making and ending of certain rights. Furthermore, it entails the time limits that an individual has after a specific incident has occurred, and resulted in certain damages being caused, to institute legal action.  A debt, which is described as the payment of money or delivery of goods or services, will prescribe after the lapse of a certain time period. This means that the claimant will not be able to issue a claim once the time period have...

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The process of selling and eventually transferring your valued property can have many pitfalls if you do not receive the correct advice timeously.  It is therefore advisable to use transferring attorneys who can guide you and who you can trust to look after your interests. Since you are the seller you have the right to nominate the conveyancer dealing with the transfer of your investment. We suggest that you do so cautiously and with serious regard for your own interests. The seller is generally the party that is afforded the opportunity to appoint the transferring attorney.  This is due to the fact...

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