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My fiancé has paid my family lobola but we will only be getting married in two years

- What are the legal ramifications and what are my rights?   A blog article by Tania Abbotts   South Africa is a unique country due in part to the many different cultures, religions and customs within our beautiful rainbow nation. This is why we have so many different kinds of recognised lawful marriages: civil union, marriage, customary marriage etc. I have seen an increase in matters being taken to court regarding customary marriages mainly because it is uncertain at what point a customary marriage is deemed a lawful marriage and thus subject to the protection and obligations afforded to married couples.   Section 3(1) of...

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I am going through a divorce. My soon-to-be ex-partner has hidden assets, what are my options and what are the potential consequences for my partner?

Blog article by Tania Jones    If you are married in community of property or married out of community of property with the accrual system applicable, the biggest obstacles that divorce attorneys and their clients face occurs when a spouse hides their assets.  This usually happens during the divorce or in the months and even years leading up to the separation of the parties.    How people attempt to hide assets  During the actual divorce, a spouse simply does not include all of their assets when they list their assets and liabilities.    A spouse will increase their expenses and liabilities to try to diminish...

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An overview of Civil Union & Partnerships by Hammond Pole Attorneys

Civil Union & Partnership

 Hammond Pole Attorney, Ardene Nel provides an overview of Civil Union Marriages & Partnerships in this article.  What is a Civil Union? Civil Union marriages were introduced in South Africa by way of the Civil Union Act, 2006. This specific Act, is the act which legalised same sex marriages. Parties who enter into a Civil Union Marriage or partnership have the same rights, legal consequences and responsibilities, as parties who have entered into a civil marriage. A Civil Union marriage or Partnership can either be a marriage or partnership between a party of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex. What are the different...

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