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Safeguarding your joint property purchase: A how-to guide for buyers

In today’s current economic climate, it can be advantageous for both young entrants into the property market, as well as more elderly house buyers to consider pooling resources to buy a property together. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and so to ensure that your purchase, and your relationship, stand the test of time, it is advisable to draw up a legally binding contract between all parties. The agreement should set out the nature of the partnership and who is responsible for things like improvements, maintenance, and even Ts & Cs around its...

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My father has passed away and I have inherited his property

A Blog article by: Tania Abbotts    My father has passed away and I have inherited his property – I am struggling to evict the current tenants – is it possible to evict before it has been transferred into my name? Would a letter of executorship be relevant in this situation? What about notice in terms of the rental agreement?    If a person passes away and has a last will and testament, then as legal practitioners, we administer the estate as per the directions set out in the last will and testament. This means that the deceased would have elected who would be...

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Conveyancing fees – what are you paying for

Blog article by: Michelle Orsmond    Purchasing your dream home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. However, first-time buyers are not always fully aware of the costs associated with purchasing a home and what the services they are paying for entail.   The conveyancing services that a firm typically offers, includes the preparation and gathering of all documents required to finalise the registration of a sale once it is lodged with the Deeds office.   But not all property transactions are the same - each one carries its own delays and challenges, and a conveyancer needs to assist both the seller...

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Is there ever grounds to cancel an offer to purchase?

Blog article by: Neil Mc Kinon Signing an offer to purchase is an exciting time for any buyer. The freedom of owning one’s own property or the thrill of a new investment is a major drawcard for property buyers. But signing an offer to purchase can also come with some buyer’s remorse and the question most often asked is “can I get out of the agreement once I’ve signed?” The answer complex, but in short, no. The terms and conditions in an offer to purchase are designed to protect both the buyer and the seller and prevent either party from unilaterally changing their mind...

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The property I bought has since been damaged, what happens now?

A blog article by: Neil Mc Kinon It’s a nightmare scenario for any buyer: “We are in the process of buying a property in KZN. We have signed the transfer documents from the transferring attorney but not the home loan documents from the home loan attorney. We have NOT occupied the property yet. The house has been damaged significantly by the recent floods. We are not confident that the owner will pay for the damages even though the deed has not been lodged with the Deed’s Office. We won't be able to afford to fix the damages ourselves. If we decide...

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Pains and gains of buying a house: A nightmare scenario

Buying a new home is an exciting, if not daunting, experience, but excitement can quickly turn into disappointment if certain defects of your new home become apparent after you move in. When your dream home becomes a nightmare, what can you do? Legal expert from Hammond Pole, Michelle Orsmond, looks at this nightmare scenario and shares her advice on how to deal with it.  Scenario  You bought a house, and a certificate of compliance (CoC) was provided. However, after moving into the house, you discover that the gas geyser is not working, and there are other issues, including a leaking roof. How...

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Donating Property – Know The Law

donating property blog

When deciding about donating property to a family member, it is important to take into account the financial implications as well as understanding the transaction at hand. What classifies as a property donation? Let’s first understand the definition of a donation. This is any gratuitous disposal of property including any gratuitous waiver or renunciation of a right. There needs to be an offer to donate, by the person giving the donation (the donor). The offer will then need to be accepted by the person receiving the donation (the donee). The agreement for a donation must be in writing (when it relates to...

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How does your marriage status affect you when buying property in South Africa?

Marriage Regimes in Property by Hammond Pole Attorneys

It is important for an estate agent to ask the question – how the parties are married from mandate stage when dealing with property. The reason for this is to establish the legal capacity of all parties in terms of the agreement. Ardene Nel, an Attorney at Hammond Pole Attorneys, explains how your marriage status could affect you when buying property in South Africa. South African Marriage Regimes The following are various types of marriage regimes in South Africa: Civil Marriages Civil Unions and Partnerships Customary Marriages Foreign Marriages Let’s have a brief look at each regime individually to better understand how this could...

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